CA Journal of Commercial Art, Volume 1, Number 3

CA Journal of Commercial Art, Volume 1, Number 3
Published October 1959 / $1.50

Photo by Michael Berger,

CA, Journal of Commercial Art, Volume 1, Number 3














Notes of Interest

Third Issue. It is noted that 20% of the book is dedicated to the exhibition of work due to the frustration of the audience’s lack of appreciation of the time and thought that goes into the commercial work.
First noted tipped-in subscription card.
The inside cover is a thank you to retail art material dealers who are subscribers and single copy sales agents. The list includes:

A & E Equipment
Acme Sign & Poster
Applied Art Supply
Art Mart
Artsign Materials
The Art Studios
B.K. Elliot
Al J. Bader Company
R. Barry Art Supplies
Bell Reproduction Company
Block Artists Materials
Boise Blue Print
Arthur Brown & Bro.
The Brudno Art Supply Co.
California Artist Materials
Capitol City Blue Print
Carbondale Printing & Supply
Central Art Service
Central Stationary & Art
Concord Artist’s Materials
Conlin Company
Corpus art Supply
Eugene A. Cox
Crane-Gallo Artist Center
Richard Critchette
Cross County Art Center
Bert L. Daily
Dixie Art Supplies
Drafting Materials
Henry Eagleton
East Side Art Center
Fred Elquest & Son
Federal Supply
Fine Art Studio
The Flax Company
M. Flax
Sam Flax
A. I. Friedman
General Office Supply
H.R. Giger
The J.K. Gill Supply
Glasner Art Supply
Graphic Artist Supply
Graphic Arts
Graphic Artist Supply
H.T. Hall
Hatfield’s Color Shop
H.T. Herbert
Hinkle’s Book Store
Holliday’s Art Supplies
Hyatt’s Graphic Supply
Institute Artist’s Materials
Arthur Johnson
Koenig Art Shop
Labadie Arts & Crafts
Lee’s Art
Leslie Art Supplies
Lewis Art Supply
Lowman & Hanford
Makielski Art Shop
M.M. Marty
Geo. F. Muth
Nashville Stationery
Near-North Guild
Nickerson and Hills
Notron’s Art Supplies
Palette Shop
Pasadena Art Suplies
Paula Art Shop
Philadelphia Art Supply
Phillip Art Supplies
Pomeroy Art Supplies
R & D Price
San Diego Engineers’ Supply
San Jose Paint and Wallpaper/
Sanlu Art Supply
Seattle Art & Photo Supply
Sheldons Art & Drafting Supplies
The Skylight
A. & B. Smith
George Smith Artist’s Supplies
Spelico Paint & Art Supplies
Standford Blue Print
S. Stienhauer & Son
The T-Square
Texas Art Supply
University Art
University Book Exchange
University Book Store


Staff of note

Robert Blanchard, publisher
Richard Coyne, art director
Jack Herrick, editor

Cover Design by: Eugene de Christopher



Editorial: statement of policy.
CA Photography, by Graphis 3: The Big Picture
CA Creativity/Finish, C.M. Clark: Toy to Tool. An expose on Eugene de Christopher
CA Colors
CA Production: Duotones
CA Morgue: Scientific Lab Tools
CA Markets: Beginning—a series of job descriptions based on survey, some research and personal observations.
CA Exhibit
CA Materials
CA Humor
CA On the Board


Featured Artists

Eugene de Christopher


Featured Agencies



Featured Designers



Featured Illustrators



Featured Photographers

Ken Bess



Crescent Illustration Board, Crescent Cardboard Company
CA Magazine Subscription
Washington Art School
Poster Paint, Rich Art Color Co.
Atlantic Paper
Allied Paper Corporation: ColorCraft Paper (tip-in)
Hi-Art Illustration Board, National Card, Mat and Board Co.
Winsor & Newton Red Sable, Winsor & Newton Inc.
Illustration Board, Bainbridge
Masking Ink, Grumbacher
Best-Test Rubber Cement
Fargent Poster Color
Shiva Paint, Shiva Artist’s Color
Hornung’s Handbook of Early Advertising Art.